Invincible Summer Farms

Invincible Summer Farms specializes in growing rare, unique, and endangered heirloom and open pollinated vegetables, herbs and flowers. In addition to providing fresh produce to the public and fine restaurants, their primary mission of preserving biodiversity is fulfilled as seed savers with the maintenance of a seed bank with well over 6,000 crop varieties to date.

Biodiversity is a key to not only changing food systems, but keeping food traditions alive.


Invincible Summer Farms collaborates with other international growers and breeders to bring the best tasting, best looking and hardiest vegetables to the region. They actively work on our their breeding projects.  Invincible Summer Farms does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  Materials used are OMRI approved in accordance with organic standards and Invincible Summer Farms has signed NOFA-NY’s Farmers Pledge and the Safe Seed Pledge. 

  • Committed to fostering and maintaining diverse germplasm within an agricultural framework.
  • Affirm the belief that food, its history and our relationship with that history are vital to not only healthy individuals, but healthy communities.
  • Strive to practice sustainable agriculture, as well as provide accessible quality products and service.