Love summer tomatoes?

We do too! 

That's why we are creating a weekly subscription box just for summer veggie lovers.  Tomatoes PLUS some of the rarest and most delicious seasonable specialty produce all in one weekly box!


Tomato Lover: (4 weeks) $320

  • 4 weeks of amazing heirloom tomatoes

  • PLUS rare specialty seasonable veggies (5lbs. tomato + 5lbs of surprise seasonable vegetables)

Tomato Fanatic: (6 weeks) $480

  • 6 weeks of amazing heirloom tomatoes

  • PLUS rare specialty seasonable veggies (5lbs. tomato + 5lbs of surprise seasonable vegetables


What is a weekly tomato subscription? (WTS)

A tomato WTS works very similar to a traditional vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Traditionally, farms use a CSA to build a relationships with their members and members in turn directly support the farm.  Community Supported Agriculture encourages growth through feedback and expands education about ecology, biodiversity, community and sustainability.  The only difference between our tomato WTS and a traditional vegetable CSA is what you will receive, how you will receive it and all the added bonuses!


What Do I Get by Becoming a Member?

  • 10lbs of the freshest, most delicious vegetables every week starting at the beginning of August 2018. You are guaranteed 5lbs. of tomatoes plus 5lbs. of farm fresh in season vegetables. 
  • Weekly additional add-on vegetable options at special member prices.


What kind of tomatoes and vegetables will I receive?

You are in for a real treat!  Every year, Invincible Summer Farms grows over 350 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  Many are extremely rare and all taste amazing!  Your Tomato CSA will include currant, cherries, green, black, mid-sized, bi-color, beefsteak and so many more.  There really are too many to list!  We will also include 5lbs. of in season summer vegetables including peppers, eggplant, summer squash and more!


How many tomatoes will I receive each week?

5 lbs. of tomatoes seems like A LOT!  In actuality, it is the perfect amount to use within a week.  Some of our tomatoes can weigh up to 2lbs!   You can use 2-3lbs. for one small tomato salad.  To help you get the most out of your delivery, we include weekly recipes in your box. 


Do you deliver?

YES!  If you would like to add on home delivery, select your delivery area.  We will add delivery charges to your subscription. We also offer FREE local pick up.


  • Nassau and Suffolk County: add $10 per week
  • NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens: add $14 per week
  • New Jersey: add $18 per week


Where can I pick up my WTS?

We offer two convenient locations:

  • Ann Marie's Farmstand, Port Jeff, NY
  • Invincible Summer Farms, Southold, NY


Still Have Question?

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our WTS!