Asteroid Scallop Summer Squash Mix


Asteroid Scallop Summer Squash Mix


Here are the scallop or patti pan summer squash that probably represents the kind of summer squash first grown by the colonists.  It is believed that this group of pepo squash which are related to the pumpkins (like most summer squash) were introduced to the colonists by the Native Americans.  They are round and flattened and mostly scalloped edged squash.  Call them the first zucchini or the ideal miniature squash as you harvest these in the immature three inch diameter stage.  Colorful yellows, dark green, lime green, white and striped.  Some of what we include in the mix are commercial kinds and some we have developed on the farm and will release as separate varieties in the future.
50-60 days                        

20 seeds(20 ft row)

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Bush Summer Squash

Packet plants 20 ft row

Plant squash in mid to lat May when the soil is warm.  Summer squash is harvested young and immature while the skin is tender often beginning to bear before 60 days after sowing the seed.  You can plant another crop in mid June to maintain production of summer squash into the fall.

Make a furrow 2 inches deep in a well prepared garden soil.  Sow one or two seeds 12 inches apart in the row.  Cover the seed with an inch of soil.  The plants are generally compact but can grow quite large.  It is possible to transplant squash before they start to bear with great care but some crowding is fine.

Summer squash is well known and there are many ways to prepare it.  The batter dipped blossoms as they are about to bloom with or without young squash attached is a real treat for home gardeners.

Squash is harvested for seed when mature and the skin become tough.    They will have angular stems.  Cut it open and scoop out the seed.  In water you can separate the orange strings from the seed.  Rinse the seed and dry on newspaper or screen until the seed breaks when bent.  C. pepois zucchini and will cross withacorn, delicate and dumpling and Halloween pumpkins.  Squash flowers are insect pollinated so unless you can isolate the pollinating flowers squash will cross.  Research techniques of hand crossing the flowers if interested or grow just one variety of squash.