wintered kale

Wintering Kale

Last season Invincible Summer Farms decided to perform an adaptability test on a few different cabbages and kales.

From the Invincible Summer Farms facebook page:

"We had some clear winners and losers with our winter cabbage mix we grew for seed (with some instability at F3). Bear in mind, everything was left in the open, without row cover, in one of the more severe winters we have had here on LI recently (zone 7a).

And this is just one reason why we need adapted local varieties and local seed economy.

We hope to offer a some of these seeds for sale in the near future!

If they can withstand sub-freezing temps and alot of snow and ice; and still produce beautifully with outstanding taste - we have some winners!"

Well some of those wintered "winners" are now going to seed!  Kale anyone?

Seeding Kale