4 Steps Everyone Can Take to Support Biodiversity

It is one of the goals of Invincible Summer Farms and Salt of the Earth Seed Company to spread the word about biodiversity.  With all the buzz words surrounding food, we sincerely believe that this one word is the most important (and therefore NOT a buzz word).  Biodiversity.  It isn't a hard concept to understand.  Our planet NEEDS it.  It is how our food source was able to adapt and how we were able to adapt to our food source.  Variety is more than just the spice of life, it actually sustains life.  Biodiversity ensures that the food source will continue on, and we think that this idea is a pretty important one. 

As individuals we often see large looming issues as beyond our ability to help.  A disappearing diverse food supply is daunting.  But there ARE very simple steps that every individual can take to start chipping away at the looming issues. 

1.  Save Your Seeds

I really want to make this numbers 2, 3 and 4 to stress the importance of this.  Learning to properly save seeds and share them ensures that that specific variety will continue on. 

2.  Support a Single Vegetable CSA

These CSA's work the same way as a traditional CSA except each weekly basket contains only one type of vegetable.  The catch is, each weekly box celebrates the diversity of that vegetable.  There are THOUSANDS of different varieties of tomatoes, each having it's own flavor profile and use.  Your box does not contain the same boring red tomato every week rather, these CSA's offer incredible variety based on that one crop.  The same goes for apples, squash, peppers, eggplant...EVERY fruit and vegetable!  By supporting a single fruit or vegetable CSA, you are supporting continued sustainability and growth of that one crop.  We offer a tomato CSA (which is AWESOME)...but there are many farms that are celebrating biodiversity by offering these types of CSA's. 

3. Educate Yourself

There are so many sources available to help guide you.  A simple google search for "Biodiversity Issues" will land you thousands of results.  There are also many organizations around the nation that support biodiversity.  Many local universities and colleges have added programs that deal with biodiversity.  The following is a VERY short list of different organizations that the public can get behind:

4.  Join a Community Garden (and save your seeds!)

This all goes back to number one, but joining a community of people and spreading the word in your region goes a long way!








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