Sustainable Farming at Salt of the Earth Seeds and Invincible Summer Farms

Invincible Summer Farms heirloom tomatoes
Invincible Summer Farms Fields June 2014

We get asked constantly if we are "organic".  Our little farm does not hold any special certification.  We cannot legally use the term "organic" when describing our growing practices, fresh produce or seeds.  Do we use organic practices?  Yes.  But, at Invincible Summer Farms and Salt of the Earth Seed Company, we like to refer to ourselves as sustainable.  What does this mean?  

  1. We are down on our hands and knees removing pests, pulling weeds and planting.  (Yes, we have equipment, but sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way!) 
  2.  We use integrated pest control.  Other bugs eat other bugs.  I refuse to say good bug vs. bad bug but when it comes to our potato crop...if you eat our plants, you are on the naughty list.
  3. We grow crops that are adaptive and native to our climate and our soil. 
  4. We plant so many diverse species!  Every year, Invincible Summer Farms plants 350 different varieties of tomatoes.  Why?  Because diversity leads to adaptivity which leads to stronger plants which leads to less pests which leads to better produce which leads to humans having food!  (See what I'm doing here?  It's cyclical!)  

These four points are just blips on what we do as a farm with sustainable practices.  There is much more involved. So no, our seeds are not certified organic but we hold them to a very high standard.  We do not just want our seeds to be organic, we want them to be strong, adaptive and healthy.  

If you are interested in learning more about Sustainable Agriculture, here are some links that might be of use: