Winter Hardy Mix - Leek


Winter Hardy Mix - Leek


In recent years, we have concentrated our trials and breeding program on hardy leeks because on Long Island producing a sustainable regional leek crop includes a seed crop that is produced the second year.  Our leeks have to be hardy enough to winter over in the field.  As a non seed saver, you have leeks that mature in the fall and weather permitting can be harvested through the winter into early spring for your culinary needs.   Only the hardiest fit the bill.  
80- 100 days    

100 seeds (10 ft row)

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Packet plants 10 ft row (100 seeds)

Sow the seeds indoors in a flat or pot in a sunny window in early spring and transplant seedlings to the garden in late April or May to stand at 3-4 inches apart.  These will mature in late summer.

Leeks are slow growers and can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.  They benefit by a generous supply of organic fertilizer early in the season and soil moisture that is constant.

For a seed crop Leeks will need to vernalize or winter over.  Many leeks will be hardy and can remain in the field through the winter.   In the spring it will produce a flower stalk.  Let the seed umbel mature and when the black seeds are apparent, nip off the umbels full of seed to dry.