Northern Onion Mix - Bulbing Onion

Northern Onion Mix - Bulbing Onion


This is a blend of long day onions well suited to Long Island and latitudes from the mid Atlantic northward.  Included are varieties that were developed for New York commercial onion producers such as New York Early and an new disease resistant hybrid, Cortland.  We round out the mix with a purple and a white onion that will perform well.  We start the seeds early (February or March) and then transfer the seedlings into the garden in May.  Keep those green tops going strong and during the summer and the bulbs should store enough energy to dig a nice fall harvest of medium sized onions when the tops dry down.  Not particularly long keepers, they will store until early winter.

95-110 days     

(140 seeds)    15 ft row     

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Bulbing Onion

Packet plants 15 ft row (140 seeds)

Sow the seeds indoors in a flat or pot in a sunny window in early spring and transplant seedlings to the garden in late April or May to stand at 3-4 inches apart.  These will mature in late summer.

Onions are slow growers and can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.  They benefit by a generous supply of organic fertilizer early in the season and soil moisture that is constant.

For a seed crop bulbing onions will need to mature, the greens will have to die down and brown.  At that point the onion can be stored until it can be planted in the spring when it will produce a flower stalk.  Let the seed umbel mature and when the black seeds are apparent, nip off the umbels full of seed to dry.