Evergreen (Long White Bunching) - Scallion


Evergreen (Long White Bunching) - Scallion


Ships January 2018
Evergreen scallion is a selection of the Japanese scallion, Heshiko.  It is a mild scallion with a long white shaft which differs from most bunching onions on the market which are immature bulbing onions sometimes produced from “sets”.  Sow early in the season since the plants develop slowly over a long period.  Harvest at young or mature stages.  The nice thing about this variety is that it is quite winter hardy and if you keep some unharvested scallions into the next season you will see that they divide and will produce clumps that can be divided to produce a quicker crop.   
70-100 days   

100 seeds (10 ft row) 

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Bunching Onion

Packet plants 10 ft row (100 seeds)

Sow the seeds indoors in a flat or pot in a sunny window in early spring and transplant seedlings to the garden in late April or May to stand at 3-4 inches apart.  These will mature through the summer and can be harvested until early winter.

Onions are slow growers and can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.  They benefit by a generous supply of organic fertilizer early in the season and soil moisture that is constant.

Some true bunching or welsh onions will divide or split so it is possible to develop a nice cluster of plants.  As the plants mature, in the spring there will be flower stalks.  Let the seed umbel mature and when the black seeds are apparent, nip off the umbels full of seed to dry.