Yellow Submarine - Naked Seed Pumpkin


Yellow Submarine - Naked Seed Pumpkin


Vining- Pumpkin- Naked Seed- cv Yellow Submarine (C. pepo)
Yellow Submarine is a naked seeded pumpkin which matures to a golden yellow color and is about 8 inches around and 16 inches long and produces handfuls oflight gray shell-less tender seeds which many visitors to the farm enjoy snacking on. 

Several oversized smooth skinned gold to orange squash are produced on each vigorous vine.  The immature squash is dark green in color (aka Long Green) and can be used like a zucchini and it is quite good in this capacity,  but wait until it fully ripens for the healthful, oil-rich seeds.  

Caution:  A small percentage of the fruit may produce seeds that have hard shells. 

Our thanks to USDA for providing the original breeding material, which is actually called “Yellow Oblong”.

105 days.

*These lines are still segregating out and may produce some off-types.

Grown on Invincible Summer Farms, Southold, NY

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