Kossak Kohlrabi Mix


Kossak Kohlrabi Mix


These are the Kohlrabis that changed some peoples attitude about Kohlrabi.  A more diverse Eastern Europe heirloom that can grow to 8 inches in diameter or more without becoming woody.  Although Kohlrabi has a mild cabbage flavor this one, according to some is a bit more crisp and sweet than other varieties.  It does take more time to develop it’s size and is a better candidate for a mid summer sowing and fall harvest than the early maturing smaller kinds.
70-90 days   

(100 seeds)     15 ft row

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A packet plants 15 ft row (100 seeds)

Kohlrabi seed especially the small kinds that mature early can be planted directly into the garden around the last frost date (late April) or plant seeds indoors a few weeks earlier if you have a cool, sunny window and transplant to the garden in late April.  Kohlrabi often produces better in cool weather.  A mid summer planting of the larger kohlrabi that take longer to mature produce a good crop for the fall.

Kohlrabi easily transplants when young and the plants can be placed in the ground a foot apart.  It requires a garden soil enriched with compost or organic fertilizer.   During the hot summer kohlrabi benefits from irrigation.  

Kohlrabi is a nice summer crop produced from a spring sowing.

Kohlrabi is a biennial and needs to vernalize for a period or cold.   In the spring the plant produces flower stalks and produces pods.  When the pods swell with seed and begin to brown harvest them and allow them to dry.   On Long Island kohlrabi needs to be protected to winter over.  Kohlrabi will cross with other Brassica oleraceae species in flower at the same time.