Mixed Finnocchio - Bulbing Fennel

Mixed Finnocchio - Bulbing Fennel


Ships January 2017
While not the most diverse mix we offer, the Italians and French who know their bulbing fennels (actually the swollen base of the petioles) have many varieties that are grown and favored by farmers in different regions.  Use this mix to find the fennel that grows best for your growing environment and preferences.  Usually planted to mature in the fall or winter, fennel can be dug in the autumn or wintered over to produce seed the following year.
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Bulbing Fennel (Florence Fennel)

Packet sows 10 ft row (150 seeds)

Plant fennel seed a few seeds per inch in early May.  The seeds should be covered by 1/4 inch of soil.  Transplant the seedlings when they are 2-3 inches tall to stand 6-8 inches apart.
Florence fennel prefers cool growing conditions.  A quality fall crop can be sown from seed in mid summer to harvest late in the season.

The bulbous base (called an apple) can be hilled with soil a week or two before harvest as a blanching strategy.

All parts of Florence Fennel are edible.  Fennel is a biennial and will winter over well and produce a seed crop the next year.  If sown early enough fennel may behave as an annual.