Late Flat Dutch

Late Flat Dutch


Ships January 2018
If you want really huge cabbages that grow slowly through the season without much affecting them this is probably it.  Late flat dutch produced a large plant with high quality flattened heads 10 lbs on up.  Plan for a late fall harvest.  One of the best for sauerkraut orfresh use;  shred the raw cabbage and boil in beer with olive oil, bay leaves, perhaps onions and carrots, peppercorns and add the center bone from a smoked ham as an option.
110 days.  

(150 days)      15 ft row.   

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A packet plants 15 ft row (150 seeds)

Cabbage seed can be planted directly into the garden around the last frost date (late April) or plant seeds indoors a few weeks earlier if you have a cool, sunny window and transplant to the garden in late April.  Cabbage often produces better in cool weather.  A mid summer planting will avoid flea beetles if that is a problem for you, and produce a nice cabbage crop for the fall.

Cabbage easily transplants when young and the plants can be placed in the ground a foot apart.  Cabbage requires a garden soil enriched with compost or organic fertilizer.   During the hot summer cabbage benefits from irrigation.  Those cabbages with maturity dates over 90 days are generally best planted in mid summer.

Freshly harvested cabbage from the garden is just better.  

Cabbage is a biennial and needs to vernalize for a cold period.   In spring the cabbage producesflower stalks from the stalk at the base of the head and in some cases the stalk splits through the head and produces pods.  When the pods swell with seed and begin to brown harvest them and allow them to dry.   On Long Island cabbage doesn’t always winter-over well in the field but will in the root cellar.  Cabbage will cross with other Brassica oleraceae species in flower at the same time.