Colorful Curds Cauliflower Mix

Colorful Curds Cauliflower Mix


To grow cauliflower requires care but this mixture of types should allow you a better opportunity for success.  We include white cauliflower varieties that are mostly self blanching and widely adapted and these are mixed with several kinds of purple, green and even the new orange kinds. While these make a very showy appetizer tray, the purples and greens are more broccoli like than cauliflower in flavor when steamed a bit easier to grow than the white curd types.  Research cauliflower culture before you start this garden project.  
65-105 days   

(50 seeds)     10 ft row.   

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Packet sows 10 ft row.

Sunshine and cool 50-60° F temperatures are best for stocky growing seedlings.  At 3-4 inches transfer the seedlings into the garden in April for a late spring crop or in mid July (which is usually an easier fall crop)  Cauliflower is temperamental and should be kept growing by high soil fertility and consistent available soil moisture.

Cauliflower needs cool weather when the heads are forming. Read up on growing cauliflower and if you are successful you can consider yourself a master vegetable gardener.

Cauliflower seeds sown in the open ground in May will probably bolt by July and produce flower stalks and seeds.  In hot weather curds are generally loose and allow for the formation of flowers.  If the curds produce a compact large head then the center can be carefully scooped out to allow room for flower formation.  Plants pulled up in the late fall can be root cellared with the head removed and will sometimes produce flower stalks from the basal stem.  We still struggle with producing seed.