Broccoli Raab Mix

Broccoli Raab Mix


There are many kinds of Raab you will find in an Italian Seeds catalog.  Here we give you several kinds in one packet.  They all should be sown directly in the ground very early to mature before the summer heat and then again in mid to late summer to mature during the cool fall.  Harvest tender stems with the leaves as the flower bud clusters begin to develop.  With a grandmother from Sicily, I grew up on broccoli-raab.  Just barely cover in salted water in a large iron frying pan, When most of the water boils off it is tender,   Added olive oil and minced garlic to the pan and finished over high heat with a bit of cayenne and pepper.  Serve with a side of crusty Italian bread, what a bitter sweet treat.  Note bitter.  Broccoli-raab should be more correctly called Turnip-Rabb since it is not broccoli but is a slightly bitter, sometimes spicy relative.
50-80 days  

(300 seeds) 

10 ft row   

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Broccoli Raab

Packet plants 10 ft row (300 seeds)

Scatter the seed of Raab about an inch apart where they are to grow.  They can be sown in the open ground in April for an early crop of “greens” and again in late summer when you can expect a fall crop.  Raab grows best in cool weather.  Pulland use the young “greens” to give room for others to grow.

Broccoli Raab is a pleasant, somewhat bitter broccoli available in Italian markets and easy to grow in the home garden.  It is not usually consumed without cooking.

Raab is not a broccoli but rather, is a kind of leaf turnip that does not produce an edible root.  It may cross with other kinds of turnips but not with B. oleraceae.  Allow raab to flower, produce seed pods.  When the pods swell and begin to dry they can be pulled to thoroughly dry on a tarp in a protected area like barn or garage.