Edamame Mix


Edamame Mix


Glycine max

The easiest way to prepare and eat edamame is to cut the plant near the ground when the clustered green pods swell with seeds.  Heat up a pot of salted boiling water and plunge the plant tops with all those pods into the water. Boil 8 minutes until the seeds are tender, drain and spread out overnewspaper or you can pick the pods off your plants in the garden and steam the pods. Pull the pods off and squeeze the tender green beans into your mouth.  It’s a fun snack.  Our blend is made of heirloom varieties mostly from Japan, not the kind of GMO soybeans used in processed soy foods.
80-100 days. 

100 seeds (10 ft row)

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Edamame Soy Beans
Packet will plant 10 ft row (100 seeds)

A row of early edamame soy beans can be planted in mid to late May.  Soybeans can produce edamame for summer picnics after about 80 days.   Soybeans produce 1-2 foot upright plants which are determinate and bear all at one time for a feast or two.  You may want to succession plant soybeans every two weeks until mid summer for an extended harvest.

 Sow soybean seeds 1-2 inches deep and 10 per foot or row.  In short season regions, start soybeans indoors in peat pots and set them into the garden when the soil becomes warm or plant seeds directly into the ground.

Edamame are prepared by boiling the swollen pods in salted water and squeezing the tender beans out of the pods into your mouth.

Soybeans are a different species than the common bean.  They may cross with one another when planted close together but usually don’t.   They will not cross with garden beans.  Allow the beans to mature on the vines at the end of the season and the pods to dry brown.  A very easy seed saving project.